Architectural Wallpaper in Flinders Street.

Original post 24 March 2020

Here’s some architecture as #wallpaper, maybe an art project in the coming weeks ? It’s the Rocke Tompsitt & Co druggists #warehouse on #flindersstreet. Always loved the elaborated yet rectangular nature of the #facade, which is very #Victorian #renaissancerevival in style, but it’s 1908 – most likely because the architect was #FMWhite & Sons, and they recycled their style of 20 years earlier, eg the #MartinandPleasance building, but also the long demolished #PrellsBuilding. #FMWhite had retired in about 1890, so this was by the son, #EMWhite.

The building was converted to flats in 2000 but it’s been.these nice pastel colours as long as I can remember.

Found an image from 1908, so you can see it’s missing a pediment, and of the ground level in the 1950s, showing that the granite piers are all intact behind the new canopy. Also sketches of the business in their previous building on the site.

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