Architectural Wallpaper in Flinders Street.

Original post 24 March 2020

Here’s some architecture as #wallpaper, maybe an art project in the coming weeks ? It’s the Rocke Tompsitt & Co #warehouse on #flindersstreet. Always loved the elaborated yet rectangular nature of the #facade, which is very #Victorian #renaissancerevival in style, but it’s 1908 – most likely because the architect was #FMWhite & Sons, and they recycled their style of 20 years earlier, eg the #MartinandPleasance building, but also the long demolished #PrellsBuilding. #FMWhite had retired in about 1890, so this was by the son, #EMWhite.

The building was converted to flats in 2000 but it’s been.these nice pastel colours as long as I can remember.

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