Milton House, Fitzroy Street St Kilda

Original post 2 Match 2017:

Milton House 1883, cnr #FitzroyStreetStKilda and Grey Street, opposite the former #StKildaStation and the #GeorgeHotel (originally the Terminus, since the station was the end of the line). I suppose it was always a #shophouse, but unusually big, and Fitzroy Street down to the sea was a row of #victorianmansions, or very large site filling villas, not the row of (empty) shops it is now. Lots of great #architecturaldetails, I like the first floor nested #arches particularly. And like so many corner Victorian shops and houses, it has a plain tear wing instead of continuing the corner detailing. I suppose they though a prominent corner was enough. @ Fitzroy Street – St Kilda

27 March 2020:

My first #virusphoto; #nocars at this normally very busy intersection, #FitzroyStreet and #GreyStreetStKilda. Milton House, 1883, which I now see has some lovely #castironlace, it must have been a really big house upstairs, or a small hotel.

Early 2022:

Rather extensive demolition but not quite facadism, though top floor only exterior walls left.

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