Big changes at the Arts Centre

Original post 29 March 2020

I suppose the ‘reimagining’ of the #VictorianArtsCentre might be put off a bit now ? But the plans so far include effectively replacing this plaza with a new entry building, an idea that’s been around for ages, which will also mean losing the odd black glass #FairfaxLobby underneath, and some alterations to the other lobbies, not sure. I went to a presentation late last year not I’m not supposed to say anything, buuut I’m wondering why is it secret ? I only saw prelim ideas from #Snoehetta / #NHarchitecture. Anyway, lots of changes for access, services, and this big one in front; I’m not a fan of the current exterior, a bit of a mish-mash, when #RoyGrounds changed it from the 1959 simple single spire idea in 1973 to a larger oddly shaped thing, with a Brutalist concrete finish, and a framework spire on top; then the interiors were done by #JohnTruscott in a kind Modernist clean lines style but in luxe brass, gold and red plush, giving it a trad theatre vibe, in 1982. Which I kind of like. And I guess is the part that shouldn’t be changed, too much. But yes really a more spacious dramatic entry lobby experience would be good, maybe in a Roy Grounds triangular form, with red carpet of course.

10 November 2020:

Oops I did it again.

My ridiculously over reacting nervous system still can’t cope with too much time using screens. I think I’ll stay off for two weeks at least. VERY HARD. So back to books and sketching.

Here’s something I’ve been doing, a design for that mooted new entry to the arts centre. I will read your comments but not today.

I thought a 45* wedge in reflective glass with angled stairs inside leading to rejigged foyers would be the go, inspired by the geometry of the Roy Grounds original, and the sparkles of the Truscott interiors. Though without the benefit of scaled drawings it’s a guesstimate that it would fit.

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