Big changes at the Arts Centre

Original post 29 March 2020

I suppose the ‘reimagining’ of the #VictorianArtsCentre might be put off a bit now ? But the plans so far include effectively replacing this plaza with a new entry building, an idea that’s been around for ages, which will also mean losing the odd black glass #FairfaxLobby underneath, and some alterations to the other lobbies, not sure. I went to a presentation late last year not I’m not supposed to say anything, buuut I’m wondering why is it secret ? I only saw prelim ideas from #Snoehetta / #NHarchitecture. Anyway, lots of changes for access, services, and this big one in front; I’m not a fan of the current exterior, a bit of a mish-mash, when #RoyGrounds changed it from the 1959 simple single spire idea in 1973 to a larger oddly shaped thing, with a Brutalist concrete finish, and a framework spire on top; then the interiors were done by #JohnTruscott in a kind Modernist clean lines style but in luxe brass, gold and red plush, giving it a trad theatre vibe, in 1982. Which I kind of like. And I guess is the part that shouldn’t be changed, too much. But yes really a more spacious dramatic entry lobby experience would be good, maybe in a Roy Grounds triangular form, with red carpet of course.

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