The Royal, Robe Street, 1933

Original post 29 March 2020

The Royal in #RobeStreetStKilda, quite a stand out, that bold flat facade with inset balconies; built in 1933, it’s by #ArchibaldIkin, who was not I think the best architect, I mean this is fun, but rather odd, not really quite proper Art Deco or Moderne, with an open arch up top, some curves in the balcony openings, that layering of the central thing…but inside it’s pretty good steppy / angular Deco, great tiles and timber work, which I think is perhaps as much influenced by German #BrickExpressionism as perhaps American Deco, but perhaps a step removed. Also interesting date, just 3 years after the #GreatDepression, showing things picking up already, and that small flats that people could afford were popular. And just realised it’s called the Royal because it’s on part of the site, or maybe next to, the Royal Hotel, which was in the corner on the Esplanade where the Belvedere was built in 1928.

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