Art Deco Facadism in South Melbourne

Original post 12 October 2019

Another steppy project in #SouthMelbourne, on the south side of Market St, where the 2008 guidelines mandated setbacks so that upper floors behind a line drawn from the opposite footpath. It’s actually a huge mountain, rising up from two street frontages, but successfully doesn’t look like 10 storey building. Unfortunately on the site of a huge Art Deco warehouse built for the Herald in 1937, keeping only the two street facades, not even much side wall, and now that I’ve found an original image, I’m annoyed that the front treatment wasn’t at least symmetrical. Nice that there’s a side garden (though it was unattractively windy and somewhat uninviting when I was there). It’s called Teri (?!) and seems to be mostly #servicedapartments, just as well some of them seem to have very little aspect. But it’s not a terrible development.

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