(Old) Conservatory of Music, Melbourne University

Original post 5 April 2020

The #ConservatoriumOfMusic at #MelbourneUniversity was built in 1909-10, and has that great #Sezession style vegetal decoration seen only here and there in Melbs; we don’t have that much #ArtNouveau (except for the stained glass windows and tiles in every Edwardian house). This was designed by #BatesPeeblesAndSmart, who were also doing the State Library dome at the time. The foundation stone was laid by #DameNellieMelba, and the hall that was added soon after is named after her. Apparently the side wings were done by #GawlerAndDrummond, the uni’s architects, much later, but they did them in matching style, which is nice.

Here’s a photo from 1921 showing it with one wing, and another from the 1930s showing it competed, both from the Melbourne University Archives.

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