Windsor Hotel, recreation (not quite)

Original post 5 April 2020

Photos 20 September 2019

Another case of did you know ? that the lobby of the #HotelWindsor isn’t exactly what it seems – it’s an early 1980s version of what was there in the 1880s. The lobby was originally quite small, even grand hotels of the 1880s didn’t always have big spaces, it was all about the dining room, and lots of small lounges – so the lobby here was enlarged a few times losing its original look completely, and in the process a big beam was inserted under this wall, so in the 1980s they (a very early job by @lovellchen) recreated the arches, but lower than originally, so the granite columns are more squat; it’s a bit clunkier but I’m not really complaining. I had read about this but I hadn’t actually seen the older photo till now ! It’s from the 20s I think.

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