Facadism on Bridge Road Richmond, one terrible and one not so bad.

Original post 17 April 2020

Photos early March

Okay it could have been worse but it could have been better; hard to meld a giant new thing with a little old single storey factory though – but I think probably better without the extra box at the front, if the front of the factory was retained completely including the roof. Too much to ask ? This is in #BridgeRoadRichmond, and factory was built in 1941 for London Baby Carriage p/l. And yes next to this was the remnants of the #OldGreekTheatre, built as the National cinema 1921, a great 30s ceviche interior, gutted and altered in the 90s I think, now gone completely. I’m in a bad mood today…

Another case of #facadism on #BridgeRoadRichmond, but much better done – the new is set well back, and the shops have kept their shopfronts (I think). Helps that it’s not 10 floors too. The site includes only two terraces of a row of three, but also the site of another long lost shop on the right, so hence the brown facade (the photo is from 5 March, so much happened since then, wonder if #FlightCentre will ever be back in business ?). I happened to snap this when it was just a facade in Oct 2018, and the ad for the development was touting offices that will be a “Vibrant fusion of tradition and contemporary design” Why does everything have to vibrant ?

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