George’s Store cast iron columns, 1884

Original post 25 April 2020

Photos 29 November 2019

All the structure in this Edwardian era photo of #GeorgesStore is still there (except the balustrades), in particular the nice, very tall, #castiron #CorinthianColumns that march across the ground floor in two rows. Since the store closed in the 90s, this floor has been progressive carved up, it’s now offices, but a couple are still visible at the Little Collins end. They date from the original construction as the Equitable Cooperative in 1884, designed by Grainger & D’Ebro (that’s #CharlesDEbro). It became George’s in 1891, got an atrium 1908, which was filled in in 1939 (later image) then put back in 1998 ! With a glass floor at the first floor though. Even though the ‘interior’ ie the structure, isn’t protected, but I guess it’s pretty safe.

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