Howard Lawson in St Kilda, 1919 + 1936

Original post 3 May 2020

Photos 12 September 2019

I always thought this was two blocks of flats that happened to be squeezed next to each other, but actually #DalgetyCourt (in my street in #StKilda) was all designed by the same architect, 17 years apart !

The right part is 1919, an early block of flats, and an early block by #HowardLawson, the eccentric architect /developer who started off in St Kilda and went on to do many many more, most notably #BeverleyHillsSouthYarra. The curved bits here might originally have been shingles, which he rendered over in 1936 when he added a stack of three more flats in Art Deco style, poking out in front so as not to cover the side windows in the previous block. Supposedly the extra three flats planned from the beginning but doesn’t look like it. Tiny entrance door for the second lot. Flat in the 1919 part:Flat in the 1936 part:

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