Malcolm Reid furniture, Bourke Street, 1939

Original post 2 May 2020

Photos 20 September 2019

I remember when this was still #MalcolmReid furniture in the 90s (I think), with walk-through display windows at ground level. In 1999 it was converted into I think it was service apartments (it’s now a hotel) and it’s not a bad job, especially considering it wasn’t #heritagelisted and it still isn’t. They stuck a few balconies on, cut some windows in the parapets and lost the shop windows, but it’s ok – I mean it’s not facadism and the extra floors arnt dominating (but could have been set back a bit more).

The right half was built I think in 1929, possibly #TompkinsAndTompkins, then occupied by Malcolm Reid (an Adelaide firm) from 1937, then in 1938-9 they extensively rebuilt the former Empire Theatre, designed by #OakleyAndParkes, who are known now for their more modernist work, but could do any style.

2nd photo Graeme Butler via City of Melb, last photo is inside in 1953- no modern furniture at all!

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