Cast Iron Street Lamps, 1992

Original post 10 May 2020

These two #oldeworlde #castironstreetlamps on the bit of the Yarra plaza as you go into the #SouthgateCentre are actually 1992, installed when the plaza was built (along with Southgate). They’re based on the 1890 lamps on the other side of the river on #PrincesWalk, which in turn inspired the 1926 lamps on #PrincesBridge itself. There were three more of these lamps on the plaza, which was cut back as part of the 2012 Hamer Hall redevelopment (a good idea imho, I don’t miss the dark undercroft), so they only lasted 20 years. Not historically valuable but seems a shame to go to all that effort and then later throw them away – or maybe they’re in someone’s garden…

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