Spurling House destroyed by fire, this time completely.

Original post Saturday 16 May 2020, 12.30 pm

☹️ just an hr ago the 1888 #SpurlingHouse was totally destroyed by fire. It was by NSW architect #JohnHorburyHunt, was the only example of the US #ShingleStyle in Victoria. It was heavily damaged in a fire in 2015, and ever since the owners have literally left it to rot, and spent big $ trying to get a demolition permit, refused twice, most recently in Jan. Shows that refusing permits not enough, #HeritageVictoria ought to have the power to go in and fix, and then charge the owner after ! If they can’t afford, the they have to sell. I mean if we want to actually keep these things even when owners don’t, you gotta make it possible !

photos of what’s left of the 1888 #SpurlingHouse in Brighton (thanks to followers @georgia_goring and @jackyaberry) – only the brick walls left.

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