Esplanade Hotel, then and now.

Original post 18 May 2020

Pretty good match up I think ! #EsplanadeHotelStKilda, as it was from 1878-1920, and now. It was built initially to be three grand terraces, but before it was completed had become an hotel, the Esplanade. It replaced a hotel, so why the terrace idea I don’t know; maybe the market for leasing giant terraces judy wasn’t there. The architects were #SmithAndJohnson. It became the premier hotel in St Kilda, though by 1886 the additions to The George made it bigger and grander. The alterations in 1920 were by #GibbsAndFinlay, and it pretty much hasn’t changed since then, except the unfortunate loss of rear wings for the #FenderKatsalidis apartments. I guess by 1 June I won’t be able to take a photo without people in it.

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