Interwar flats, Mitford Street, Elwood

Original post 7-8 June 2020

Photos July 2018

A great pair in #MitfordStreet, Elwood, similar proportions and both #spanishstyle – Santa Fe, 1925, and alas Palmas 1927.

‘Santa Fe’, #MitfordStreet, #Elwood, lovely #SpanishStyle, complete with #barleytwistcolumns to the front balconies. Looks like maybe still one owner since no sales I could find, only rental ads- which show nice interiors, great fireplaces, lots of woodwork, prob originally not painted. One partially original kitchen (the cabinets look like ikea).

“Las Palmas” (complete with #quotationmarks), #MitfordStreet, #Elwood, 1927, complete with #palmtree. One of those blocks with two long thin flats /floor, with the front being a sun room to the bedroom, and the lounge half way down looking to the sides – I guess the sun room is a day room if you’re at home, while the lounge was for evenings sitting by the fire listening to the radio, reading or knitting.

‘Bridgeport’, 47 #MitfordStreet, #Elwood, a relatively rare block that has a rear carpark built in, with added porch / arch. Curious not clearly Deco style, plain render with add parapets, and steppy brickwork details. The interiors are great though, rich timber, brickwork and leadlight. Having looked at so much 1920s German brick expressionism lately, I’d say the interior style ultimately derives from that.

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