Modern Revival townhouse, Lindsay Holland, 2001.

Original post 12 June 2020

Photos 30 April 2018

A great little #townhouse in #NeptunePlace, a site created in about 1996 when a large office building and carpark in the middle of #StKilda was demolished and subdivided. Anyone know the architect? Update : it’s the Connolly House by #LindsayHolland, and won the top ‘Harold desbowe Annear’ gong for Residential in the 2002 RAIA awards, so built c2001. Architects statement “Given the extent of overshadowing and limited available private open space, and the client requirement for a non-masonry construction, a detached, three storey bolted and welded steel frame structure evolved. With living areas located to the top floor, the house aims to create an environment attuned to the bayside maritime environment with hopefully a hint of the ‘pleasure-dome’ sensibility long associated with St Kilda.” not sure about pleasure domes, but I like it.

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