Flinders Street Station, the forgotten 1883 competition

Original post 27 June 2020

Did you know there was an earlier design for #FlindersStreetStation ? I did but I’d forgotten what it looked like – so here it is from the Illustrated Australian News on 16 May 1883. It won a design competition, and clearly the idea was to have east and west trains from the different sides (I guess?), and rebuild #PrincesBridge at the same time, though that design didn’t happen till the next year (I think). The architect was #WillamSalway, and it’s very typically #RenaissanceRevival.

I’ve also put in the surviving drawing of the #FawcettAndAshworth design that won the the 1899 competition, which did get built, but altered with an extra floor and jut a simple roof over the concourse instead of these great arched roofs. The descriptions talk about a corrugated iron roof over the platforms, rather than glass so it wouldn’t overheat, but no idea whether arched as well, or just zig zag or what. Nice to think arched like the concourse, but across, with arched glass walls along the river.

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