Myer Music Bowl engineering

Original post 25 July 2020

Another great video in #openhousemelbourne – on the #SidneyMyerMusicBowl structure, with original engineering drawings and old photos I’ve not seen before. I now understand that the theres 35 long cables (held firm by a 13m deep foundation) that drape, while the cross cables are there to hold it down in high winds. And it’s curved in 3 dimensions, even that front cable.

The presentation, by Phil Gardiner from WSP engineering mentions the renovation by #GregBurgess architects in 1998, but doesn’t say that virtually everything was replaced then, only the cables and the idea are original ! The #alumply was quite decayed so ok, but I was a bit shocked they replaced everything else, putting in those odd little side boxes, and making it all a bit too schmik. The bowl was designed by #YunckenFreeman with engineer #BillIrwin, and was built in 18 months opening in 1959. The 3rd last photo is a Seekers concert in the 60s with 200,000 people !

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