Ritz Mansions, St Kilda, 1927

Original post 4 August 2020

#RitzMansions was built in 1927, designed by #ErnestHLong, and its that very rare thing in Melbs, and apartment block built on the street, with shops at front level, and tall enough for a lift – in fact prewar only Alcaston House in the city is the same (though actually no shops). So it’s very New York, LA, or European – and a bit hidden by a #damntree. At some point it actually got converted to offices, so all the original apartment interiors were swept away – it’s all apartments again, but big ones, including the first floor whole floor (!). The bank is the same design, but with #redbrick, which the front had originally too. It’s the same style and many details as the #RitzHotelStKilda next door, built 1922, but that was designed by another architect, so long must’ve liked it, or was told to copy it.

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