Baltic Imports, Flinders Street, demolished

Original post 2 August 2020

Always wondered why this little building on the far end of Flinders Street (sadly demolished in 2014 for another tower of small apartments) advertised a fish importers – reading a history of Melbourne’s fish markets, and noting that by the mid 20thC the various businesses had store rooms and processing plants nearby, I remembered this place, literally across the road, so that’s why ! It was certainly the last link, representing the era from the 1950s when frozen fish stated to be imported, which eventually led to #fishfingers. The original 1891 building where fish were actually auctioned was was on the other side of the viaduct, but it was the main business of the complex, demolished in 1959 because the facilities weren’t big enough for the increasing volumes, and an overpass at king street was being planned …but still, what a loss, I suppose because it wasnt just a market, it was built to impress, a feast for the eyes, with pointy turrets and a completely unnecessary but delightful clocktower. Note in the second pic you can see the Baltic building on the left, some terrace shops from the 1860s.

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