Terraces, Mary Street, West St Kilda

Original post 10 August 2020

‘Rochelle’, #MaryStreetStKilda, says it’s 1910, very very retro for that date looks exactly like 1890, but parapets never lie ! Or maybe they do, the parapet looks quite different, less elaborate than the rest, there’s nothing sitting on the elaborate paired corbels, and the plaque with delicate swag is very 1910, so maybe the parapet was rebuilt for some reason in 1910 ! Thanks to @winkieg60 for pointing this out.

‘DUDLEY’ – usually they have female names or locations, I suppose … o wait that’s a place in the UK! Anyway, looks very 1880s, maybe 1890, and it’s a grand terrace with a bit of space on each side rather than to the boundaries, and was all on its ownsome ! As seen in the 1895 #BoardOfWorks (#MMBW) plan, showing that #WestStKilda was subdivided and developed later than the rest of #StKilda, I guess cos low lying, and so probably thought unhealthy (it may even have been a bit swampy) which is where workers cottages normally went, but not that much need for them here, no industries, just servants for all the big houses.

4 thoughts on “Terraces, Mary Street, West St Kilda

  1. I believe a terrace is a row of houses, this is a free standing Victorian house. There are indeed terraces in Mary St, 21 to 31, and 12 to 18.


    1. Yes to be totally correct a terrace is a row, but in Australia we also call a single one that’s built like one of a terrace a ‘terrace house’. There are rows of such single houses here and there. This one unusual that it was built with space on each side.


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