Abstract art in Southbank – Dervish by Clement Meadmore

Original post 13 August 2020

This is ‘dervish’ by #ClementMeadmore, rather lost behind the trees of the #SouthbankPromende, not it’s original location. It was originally installed in 1981 on the upper deck of #HamerHall, on its own plot of grass, but was moved down down prob when Southgate opened, about 92. Reportedly he was displeased, cos it was harder to walk around (and not as prominent). But as part of the Southbank ‘refresh’ theyre going to put it back, though the deck is a different shape now. Nice to see a Meadmore being treated properly – he’s an internationally renowned Australian artist, but his one at the AMP building in the city disappeared, then reappeared at Tarrawarra, and this one was moved, despite his misgivings; it’s owned by the @artscentremelbourne, who also have the original maquette, dated 1971. (note that Southbank is just within my 5km allowed exercise radius )

Arts Centre 1981 detail
Rennie Ellis, 1993
The maquette

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