APM Boiler House to be demolished soon

Sad to hear today that local residents have been informed that the demolition of the 1954 #APMboilerHouse in Alphington is about to commence. Designed by #MussenMackayAndPotter, it is significant as the first all-glass curtain wall in Victoria, and an example of an architects vision applied to an industrial building – which led to it being on #VictorianHeritageRegister – but in the face of loud opposition from a local lobby group just before the 2017 state election, the Minister for Planning allowed the demolition, which is only the second time that’s ever happened. So get in quick to take a last look and photograph ! The ones I’ve got here I found on the Internet, sorry can’t recall whose they are – I think urbex people. The one from the street is mine. The one from the street is mine. 2nd last is Graeme Butler, and the last one shows the 1920s boiler house that’s the only part not being demolished.

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