Unbelievable really. Facadism plus way too close….

This is one I was hoping that Corona might have cancelled, but no, it’s for sale ‘with permit’ for a crazy tower perched on legs over preserved facades, a design given the tick by VCAT, despite a previous version being knocked back…and now the design has changed too, not the @armarchitecture mesh sock, plainer, possibly a small improvement! Words from my post in 2018:

The 1885 #CommercialBankofAustralia on the Haymarket roundabout at the top of Elizabeth Street is proposed to be hollowed out and an #apartmenttower propped above on legs, covering much the same area, with a sort of verandah just to make it even more, you know, squashy. Design by #armarchitecture.
The green thing behind is a different building, already under construction. That’s an #ElenbergFraser.

With a one bedroom apartment on the inside corner that would end up with the bedroom window covered over and the lounge looking down a 3m wide laneway gap between the two buildings.

Design of the green thing weirdly wraps around the bank because originally in 2013 the two site owners were going to develop jointly one design, also Elenberg Fraser, then they spilt, creating a worse outcome. Last images from urban.com.

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