Windsor Station, 1886

Repost from 1 April 2019: Love the #brickwork at #WindsorStation (1886)- even though it’s mostly quite dark #HawthornBricks the overall effect is quite rich, and there’s loads of #tuckpointing, the ticket area I think is original. Also love that it’s so wonderfully three-dimensional, with a top floor managers room (residence ?) sticking up above the cutting, two #wroughtiron bridges, stairs and ramps, and great wide platform canopies supported on #castironcolumns. The paint colours were recreated (from paint scrapes) in the mid 90s when I briefly had some effect on the Met’s/Metro trains repainting program, and Allan Brown was Minister for transport, and wanted to see at least the most important statins restored -I chose this one and st kilda and Williamstown and Glenferrie /Auburn, and Hawthorn, Brighton Beach and its sister stations, not sure if any others ? Toorak Hawksburn? Essendon ? Footscray ? I think it essentially those on the VHR at the time. Pleased to see they’ve stayed in original colours too !

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