Postmodern loss at the Centreway Arcade

😢 to see some destruction of our Postmodern heritage at the Centreway Arcade, most notably the hidden artwork at first floor level – letters which spelled out the anti-capitalist message “we live in a society that places an inordinate value in goods and services”, which has been replaced by a blank wall. Why on earth did they bother ? Didn’t like the message ?? And some of the shopfronts have been removed too, not surprised by that, owners always think only fully glass shopfronts are leasable. Maybe send an email to Colliers the leasing agents like I just did and complain ! The arcade was designed by #CocksAndCarmichael, and created in 1987 by completely reworking the earlier rather plain one, and it won an Architecture Award in 1989. My photos from 2011 and 2019, recent ones by @tristan_davies, old arcade Graeme Butler

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