Squeezing in a second tower at Shell

I shouldn’t be surprised but I am – a proposal to plonk a second tower behind Harry’s #ShellBuilding; I’m not a huge huge fan but I defend it’s right to exist unmolested, especially since it’s on the VHR, and the only justification is the not really supported assertion that the income would be ‘critical’ to future maintenance of the exiting tower (!) It would demolish the auditorium and the curved corridor, rear plaza and its landscaping and the upper rear plaza too, with its signature curved edge, not to mention hiding forever the rear of the tower, just as sculptural as the front. And also looming over Milton House. Just say no ! (submissions due by 5pm, oops late as usual). First photo mine, 2013, most of the rest from the planning reports.

Update Jan 2022: Heritage Victoria said no, but then the Minister for Planning ‘called it in’, which means he’s going to decide, which does not bode well.

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