Ming Wing at Monash

Original post 31 March 2017 : #MenziesBuilding (aka #MingWing), #MonashUniversity, #EgglestonMacDonaldandSecomb, 1964, detail. It’s modernist, but not purist, with the vertical ribs notched, and the ##spandrelpanels scored, and a darker shade. At the base there’s a hint of #arcade, with an actual #undercroft too. More variety provided by the various positions of the shutters. The exterior was repaired rather than changed at least 10 years ago (the last time I was out there).

It was built in stages, west end 1962, east end 1965, and the south block 1975 (and no it wasn’t added to prop it up in strong winds). Lots of trees and surrounding buildings obscure it, but it still looks BIG. 175m long and 14 storeys, said to be the ‘largest building in Australia’ at the time. Huge thing dominating the landscape of Victoria’s second University, and the wilds of #Clayton, even all the other one or two storey uni buildings. Peculiar idea to build the one big building, but I guess someone wanted to make a statement, and perhaps got more space more quickly that way. New stair and lift tower added south side in 2011 when the facade was fully repaired too, hopefully because they wanted to, but it is #heritagelisted by @monashcouncil; the original lobbies (with their many floor escalators!) were replaced though.

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