Goathland / Tara Hall, Kew

Goathlands, Kew, 1888, the other most fantastic #lostmansion ever built in Melbourne. A fine essay in the Queen Anne style, and very much as practiced in the US (#stickstyle), creating a precursor to the later local Edwardian style (see the fat verandah #turnedtimber posts?). It was designed by #EGKilburn (of #EllerkerAndKilburn), and had it not been demolished in 1960 he’d be much better known I think. It was built for industrialist George Ramsden, but like Moss and Norwood, he lost it 4 years later in the crash. It went through a few owners, and name changes, including the O’Loughlin family 1915-26, who called it Tara Hall, the Ryan family 1927-41, then apartments, then a hostel for nurses from the women’s hospital in 1946, but when they sold it in 1960 it was demolished for house lots – it was near Kew junction, where Tara Ave ends now. It was extensively photographed by #MarkStrizic in 1959 thank goodness, most of the images are his, some via @library_vic some #KewHistoricalSociety (who retain copyright), donated by the author of Lost Glories (1986), and he got them or copied them from the hospital. Image 3 is from National Trust Vic, also last photo, which appears to be during demolition.

Examples of the US sources, first being the 1876 Watts Sherman house by HH Richardson, which is more shingle style I think, the last an undated example of stick style.

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