Village Belle, St Kilda, restored.

Original post 31 March 2018: #VillageBelleHotel #StKilda, 1891 (replacing the 1855 original), now with its new glass beer garden, and a year before, under construction. Pleased they reinstated the #balustrade #parapet and orbs, but displeased not the foreground arched windows (I hadn’t seen the old photo till now), nor the #OrlandoWines sign they took off in 2016, though the new one is nice enough. Somehow I preferred the yellow and brown scheme, though it was probably originally #cementrender grey.

3 March 2017:

The Village Belle, Barkly Street, #StKilda, 1891, with #Shiavello crane. Various later additions demolished, and instead of turning it into #apartments with more all round, it’s going to stay a hotel, with a lot more drinking space on two levels, with a large part-glass extension to the left (changed from the all glass design, swipe left), and yes with a string of small apartments behind, but only three levels. Permit says they’ll retain the externals of the building (and even keep operating during construction) and will reinstate the top balustrade and original grey #cementrender colour. Not bad really. @ Village Belle Hotel

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