Art Nouveau in Collingwood- Bendigo Hotel, 1911.

The #BendigoHotel in #JohnstonStreetCollingwood looked so much more interesting #unpainted; though it’s still interesting ! One of the best almost #ArtNouveau pubs in Victoria, by #SydneySmithAndOgg, who did many pubs, often with turrets (but here there’s two), usually with baroque/classical decoration, but sometimes Art Nouveau, which may be from #RobertHaddon, who was known to have done designs for them as a consultant. Built in 1911. 1st photo #WolfgangSievers, 1962 @library_vic, 2nd current, thanks @auntyfrank, 3rd 1982 @library_vic (I had thought I remembered it being painted, but not sure I would have really noticed it by 1982)

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