Sculpture, Port Phillip Arcade, 1961

A reminder to @metrotunnelvic that they’ve promised to keep and return this sculpture (not sure about the shop one) – this is what I said in 2018 : The Charles Bush #sculpture (right term ?) on the front of the #PortPhillipArcade, built 1961, designed by JFW Ballantyne. The sculpture is to be ‘considered’ for removal and reerection when the arcade is demolished for the #MelbourneMetro construction. But the gold sun behind the stylised #Poseidon (as a #seahorse?) is in mosaic, wonder how that could be kept? The design of the metro entrances here is done, but there will be an ‘over station development’, which isn’t designed yet. I hope it’s only say 3 storeys of shops, rather than 10 of offices. Most photos mine, the old photo @library_vic, the one of the ship @jfnolen, the interior, I forget, and last 2 mine.

26 April 2018:

Only the front (#FlindersStreet) facade left of the 1961 #PortPhillipArcade, going to be a hole in the ground for the construction of the #MelbourneMetroTunnel. That’s a bit of the ramp that led in from #ScottAlley on the right. @ Port Phillip Aracade

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