Milton House, Flinders Lane, 1901

Original post 5 April 2019:

The fabulous #MiltonHouse in #FlindersLane, with unique #ArtNouveau details, thought to be, and probably are, by #RobertHaddon, early champion of the #ArtsAndCrafts, but basically a creative genius – the architects are officially #SydneySmithAndOgg, but the details arnt seen on any other of their work, but can be seen on Eastbourne House East Melbourne, by Haddon, eg the terracotta tendrils; here he combines some rustic Georgian, with quoins and wide eaves, with a Romanesque arch, and spare but very elegant details. Check out the vegetal spiral that melds into the #wroughtiron! All this for a little private hospital built in 1901. Designs definitely attributed to Haddon are rare, since from the early 1900s to the 1910s he was mainly a consultant, eg to #sydneysmithandogg for this (see detail of bendigo hotel for instance). Meanwhile, the proposed second Shell tower doesn’t touch it, but it sure looms ! Photos mine from 2013, using my first Samsung.

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