Port Authority Building, Market Street, 1931

Repost from 2017:

The Port Authority building, built as the Harbour Trust, completed in 1931 (it was started just before the depression hit – must’ve seemed a bit OTT by then). But beautifully proportioned, practically cubic, dominated by those great #giantorder #ioniccolumns and great big cornice. Architects #sydneysmithoggandserpell.

Converted to flats in 2000 after a few goes trying to add multiple floors, they settled for 2, or 1 really since they took off a small top floor. I helped improve it I think when I was at the national trust by negotiating for the very top floor to be done in lightweight materials rather than matching the solid (rebuilt) floor below. The street entry is amazingly elaborate though not spacious. The Board Room and other main spaces on the first floor became one huge luxury apartment.

When it was listed by heritage victoria that couldn’t list movable items like furniture so the boardroom table and chairs were sold off.

24 September 2017: The demolition of the #NationalMutualPlaza has revealed the north side of the 1931 #HarbourTrust building in all its #ionic #neoclassical grandeur. Soon to be obscured by the pantscraper.

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