Old Engineering, Melbourne University, 1899, 1906, 1914, 1938

Went wandering around #MelbourneUniversity looking for old studio-type buildings, so checked out #OldEngineering, which turns out to be a #PublicWorks front added in 1914 (with an extra postwar floor, 1940s?) joining up a 1906 building and the original 1899 building to the south by #ReedTappinAndSmart to the south which has its own #watertower ! All parts rather plain vaguely gothic #redbrick, the engineers didn’t get grand sandstone things like Arts and Philosophy. Completely bamboozling inside, you can’t just wander through, lots of doors ‘staff only’ and others by key card, but managed a snap of the 1914 #reinforcedconcrete structure. Seemed to all classrooms and study rooms, didn’t have big rooms with big windows like I expected. @ Melbourne School of Engineering

Rather nice for a loading dock ! #MelbourneUniversity #SchoolOfEngineering #workshops, 1938, #PercyEverett, Chief Architect of the #PublicWorkDepartment. Great huge light-filled interior too, with almost all-glass walls, but Percy was never that much of a #Modernist. @ Melbourne School of Engineering

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