Village Theatre, Toorak

There’s an endless supply of lost cinemas, but here’s a particularly elegant one, suitable for its location – the Village, in #ToorakVillage, opened in 1936. It was designed by #CNHollinshead who had done the interior of #HerMajestysTheatreMelourne 2 years earlier, also in a refined Art Deco style, all timber veneer with gold beading. The Village was being converted to a live theatre in 1962 when it burned down, which is a pity or it might still be with us. A new cinema opened here in 1969 though, the Trak, which I recall as vaguely space age, with carpet up the walls, turned into a nightclub in 2000. Village Roadshow didn’t start here, it was named after Croydon Village (!) near the Croydon DriveIn where it actually started. Photos from the RVIA journal via FB group Cinema and Theatre of Australia

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