Ticket booth deco delights, Taylor & Soilleux

So Buck Rogers ! There’s not a lot of Art Deco cinemas left in Victoria, and almost none by #TaylorAndSoilleux, who I think did the best ones – often including the most extraordinary #ticketboxes, which probably went well before the theatres themselves. In order they are Padua Brunswick, Park Albert Park, Hartwell, Windsor, Oriana in Fremantle WA, and lastly the Rivoli, the least interesting, and the only theatre of theirs left. They also did the Ozone in Mildura, also dem, but if it had an interesting ticket box, there’s no easily found images of it. They also did the renovations, for instance the Art Deco bits in the Westgarth auditorium (but not the foyer). Most images from the excellent @cinematreasures website (and they don’t say where they got them, but probably from various enthusiasts).

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