Vegemite heritage

This is the ‘Vegemite Factory’ (Kraft Foods) in Port Melbourne which is up for #heritagelisting, as part of the #FishermansBend review. The administration building is very nice albeit slightly altered – it was built in 1957, with first floor additions in 1967, both by #OakleyAndParkes, nice #glasscurtainwall, but the cream bricks are now rendered grey (typical!). Also compared to the 70s photo the bright red spandrels (which I like) were a much paler colour. There’s a nice 1960 cream brick cool store next to it, both on a short street now called #VegemiteWay. And surprisingly they’re still making vegemite there ! Current photos mine from 2019, others from the report or the Internet.

One thought on “Vegemite heritage

  1. It was a weird thing in the 70’s/80’s to drive past Werribee and hold your breath from the poo farm and then the Kraft Vegemite factory. The Princes Fwy was the smell pit of the west. Today Werribee in the west is the most overpopulated part of Victoria and within the next ten years will possibly connect with Geelong.


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