IG Anderson did a whole street – Garden Avenue, East Melbourne

Repost from April 2018: #GardenAvenueEastMelbourne, a cul de sac of 5 blocks of flats all built c1940, all by #IGAnderson. What a talent ! Oh, and two blocks that face George Sreet behind too.

First, #TuffnellLodge, c1940. Anderson at his most creative, verticals and horizontals collide and thrust forward towards the main road, love it. It’s triangular, behind lawn, because if the rail tunnel passing by. Anderson did all 6 little blocks of flats in this cul de sac, as well as a pair facing george street behind, a wonderful complex. This block of 12 one bed and studio flats completely done over inside a few years ago and operated as apartment-hotel. Just sold for $6mill.

No’s 6, 12, 14, are interesting enough, but a bit less creative than #TufnellLodge, or #IslandersPlace opposite, built as a hostel. But I’m not complaining. Needs more research, because I’m not quite sure what was there before, and how he got the gig, and why they went for this arrangement.

28 March 2019:

IGAnderson really did like those #semicircular projections ! The front flats at No 6 #GardenAvenueEastMelbourne must have a cute little dining nook or whatever it is …looks like the whole block is still one owner, with all flats for rent, none for sale.

Islander House in #GardenAvenueEastMelbourne was built c1940 along with all the blocks of flats in this great little street, all by #IGAnderson, but this one was actually built as a #guesthouse, so now it’s a hotel ! Rather square and plain compared to the flats, but great details, those semi-circular balconies, curved corner and feature #brickwork, and the rear just curves slightly with the street. @ Quest East Melbourne Serviced Apartments

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