Shakespear Hotel, almost facadism

It’s a small thing but super annoying – this cute little survivor in Exhibition Street dates back to 1858, and was the (very small) Shakespear(e) Hotel from c1869-1890s, and altered possibly enlarged 1871, since then not much changed – but is now going to be almost facadism, actually 3 walls left-ism, with the floors, back wall and roof all demolished, and 3 new levels inserted, with rooftop. I did the objection for @melbourne_heritage_action, but turns out my words in vain because this just happened to be one of the few buildings in the CBD still governed by the old, much more vague heritage rules about preserving built fabric – the new rules would mandate the whole front section including roof be preserved. They do have to cut back the pergola a bit though. The great #paintedsign was revealed in the early 90s when the Victorian building next door was demolished (how did that get through?) for the car entry for the Paramount. Comparing two streetview images from 2009 and 2014 shows it has faded a bit. Great photo by #graemebutler for the CofM from c1984 shows the building next door, and the #mahstedt fire plan from c1910 shows it as a tobacconist, and might have had two doors.

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