The Shrine of Remembrance competition 1923

The runners-up of the #ShrineOfRememberance competition held in late 1923, were published in Jan 1924.

Ive started with 4th prize, which would have been quite stylistically advanced, being by #RoyLippincott with #EFBillson, who both worked by Walter Burley Griffin, and whose scheme is arranged much like the Canberra War Memorial by #EmilSoderson, designed late 1920s. The next one got 5th place, and was by #StephensonAndMeldrum, and looks like a monolith set within a circular plaza, that would have been interesting. The others also have large plazas, being more ‘places of remembrance’ than mausoleums. The curved wings scheme came 3rd, and was by a 27 year old DK Turner. The last one here, which came 2nd, and is mostly plaza, was by William Lucas, who was born in Melb but living in South Africa (and who complained that the winning scheme was derivative, to which Hudson replied so was his!)

This is the original design of the #ShrineOfRememberance, by Phillip Hudson and James Wardrop, which won the competition in late 1923, as published in Jan 1924, and it’s pretty much as built – I hadnt seen this before, and thought maybe it might have changed at some point, but the only difference is that the lower tier of walls with statuary on the corners wasn’t built – and which @armarchitecture was inspired by to do their corner courtyards.

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