Robbs Building, demolished 1982

Some more #LostMelbourne, and rather surprisingly demolished in 1982! All part of a compromise to get the Rialto towers built, while saving the original Rialto. The first two pics are both c1982 from the @nationaltrustvic files, which I happen to have from work from 2016 for an app called Lost! 100 cbd places (now deactivated). Photos by Irvine Green. The others are from the state library. Here’s the text from the app :

“Robb’s Building was constructed for the former director of the Federal Bank, John Robb, from a design by architect Thomas Watts. Completed in 1885 during Melbourne’s Land Boom, the building was especially impressive, featuring vertical piers topped with Corinthian columns rising five storeys, breaking the building into massive tall bays. Situated on a prominent corner site, Robbs acted as a lynchpin between the Gothic group of buildings in nearby Collins Street and the bluestone warehouses of King Street, and faced the even grander Federal Hotel across King Street. The two easternmost bays, known as the Dudley Buildings, were demolished in 1975 as part of the continuing demolitions in the area. Despite substantial community opposition Robb’s Building was demolished in 1982 and replaced by a plaza as part of the development of the Rialto office towers.”

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