Park Theatre, our best Deco cinema only lasted 23 years.

Yesterday was #WorldArtDecoDay, so here’s my belated contribution- the fabulous but very short lived Park Theatre in Albert Park, opened 1939, closed 1962, and demolished for a petrol station soon after (its now the Albert park library). It was designed by cinema specialists #TaylorAndSoilleux, who did very inventive work, not your typical streamlined or jazzy deco, and whose only surviving theatre of about 8 is the Rivoli – like that one there’s a lot of curves and circles, though this goes one step better I think, with a spiral in the lobby, and opposing curves in the auditorium, which has bespoke plasterwork details, especially in the (decorative) balconies – one of which hosted the organ, which apparently rotated out of sight behind a curtain when the show started ! And that excellent ticket box. Images from Melbourne Theatres Facebook group, who don’t say where they got them, but presumably from contemporary magazines (I’ve never seen them before).

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