Stooke House, Brighton, 1935, dem c1988

If this 1935 house in Brighton had survived a bit longer than c1988, it would have been put on #VictorianHeritageRegister as one of the most important examples of Bauhaus Modernism applied to a house in Victoria. Designed by #GeoffreyMewton, when in partnership with #RoyGrounds, it was one of three winners of the ‘drawings or photographs’ section of the RVIA ideal home exhibition in 1936, but apart from that doesn’t seem to have generated much interest, when other projects of theirs got written up extensively. It was white bricks, and only one bedroom (was George Stooke a bachelor?) but later got a room added in the left, probably a second bed, as seen in the 1950s photo by #PeterWille from @library_vic. The other images from the RVIA Journal.

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