Eulinya, Toorak, a bit Tudor, and a bit Arts & Crafts

Original post 15 May 2019:

Eulinya, in #IrvingRoad, #Toorak, was built for fabric importer and #statesavingsbankofvictoria chairman Sir William McBeath in 1926 (later home to GJ Coles, and now Lindsay Fox). It was designed by #WalterButler, who did quite a few big houses for the elite. There’s not many Victorian mansions left in Toorak, but there are a few 1910s-30s mansions, turns out there were quite a few built then, you know – they didn’t stop building mansions ! They were just far more restrained #ArtsAndCrafts, #OldEnglish/Tudor Revival or Georgian. Note the #castironlamps relocated from the CBD streets when they were pulled out in the 60s. Found the plans for #Eulinya on the State Library database. It looks much better in real life !

Architect #WalterButler is best known for his #ArtsAndCrafts style houses of the 1900s-1910s, which evolved in the 20s into more historicist Tudor, though this one isn’t clearly there yet, just has those tall chimneys and ‘random’ brickwork, and also a Georgian window over the front door, and an oval stairhall too, with a very formal plan. Having just read Harriet Edquist’s book on the Arts & Crafts, I see she’s right that it wasn’t so much a style as a way of thinking, drawing in elements from a range, including Tudor, Colonial and Georgian as well as the English practitioners like Voysey.

One thought on “Eulinya, Toorak, a bit Tudor, and a bit Arts & Crafts

  1. Just noted a slight error in your information. Eulinya was never owned by GJ Coles. It was owned by his brother Sir Arthur William Coles.


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