Frank Tate Building, Melbourne University

Repost from 2017 (!): #FrankTateBuilding, #MelbourneUniversity, #PercyEverett, 1940. Part submerged beneath later plaza, but still impressive as finely balanced between #ArtDeco and #CollegiateGothic, those piers almost like #buttresses, north end almost an #apse. Side windows also quite vertical/ gothic, not corners all curved and glass block #moderne. It was built as part of the #MelbourneTeachersCollege, next to Melb Uni, named after a long time teaching profession lobbyist who died in 1939. The interior is all about #stairs, two double pairs – maybe to cope with crowds from the lower level gym and and upper level auditorium it was built with? Anyway it’s now all student lounges, it’s all desks and computers !

Update : last time I was there in June 2019 work underway for a new Student Precinct, replacing the plaza with nice landscaping – is it finished yet ? Answer is no.

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