George’s Regency Room

Repost this day 2019:

I never shopped at Georges, I mean I was into opp shops in the 80s, but I did make a special effort to go to the Regency Room a couple of times, when I was practically the only male there. I remember that great sunburst mirror, and that you had to wait at a rope, and apparently the couches were actually early 19thC regency ! Ok, #Biedermeier. I also remember there were two little old ladies having tea in matching outfits, one powder pink the other powder blue. Honestly. Photos from Annette Cooper’s “Remembering Georges: Stories from Melbourne’s Most Elegant Store” 2014. Some still can’t forgive #DavidJones for buying the shop in 1981, and eventually closing it in 1995, but it would be hard to imagine it surviving any longer in these days of fast and online fashion.

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