Boyd featurism on Southbank

Maybe it’s a long bow, but I think this image from #RobinBoyd’s #AustralianUgliness might be inspired by the two modernist office blocks that once stood right across Princes Bridge, facing the Snowden Gardens (site of the Concert Hall) Both were finished in 1960, the year the book came out (and both designed by #batessmartmccutcheon). The taller one was built for Vacuum Oil (later Mobil) and the shorter one for APM (Australian Paper Manufacturers). Mobil had the patterned bricks and a boldly gridded side (and a nice Pegasus statue), while APM had the #butterflyroof (and a jaunty entry canopy). Mobil got horribly transformed into apartments in the 90s, and APM was just replaced by something equally execrable. Photos all @library_vic, some #wolfgangseivers, colour ones #peterwille, except last 2 #markstrizic.

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