Another pub just a facade

Repost from January last year, and 2017 and 2016 : Poor ole 1925 #ElmsFamilyHotel, got #heritagelisted but not before plans were already underway to build something big on top, so it was mostly demolished – but Im pleased to see they actually kept one internal wall complete with with lovely blue #pubtiles – BUT they made the new floor level with the new building, so the bottom part of the wall is now under the new floor ! There’s nothing actually directly on top so Im really mad they didn’t keep much more completely intact, like the corridor wall with the park grey tiles – I mean it’s got steps up to it from the street, could just as easily have had steps down from inside, it’s going to be a cafe tenancy anyway, grr grr. There’s was nice timber stair and a rear dining room with nice doors too. And they’re calling it ‘restored’. Anybody been past lately ? Is there anything in there ?

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