Mercy Hospital, 1935

Repost this day in 2019 :

The #earlymodernist horizontal lines of the old #mercymaternity #hospital in #eastmelbourne by #stephensonandmeldrum 1935. The second curved bit was added 1939, the next bit in the 70s, and the curved corner entry canopies added in the 90s.
I’m pleased I made the effort to get this on the #victorianheritageregister when I was at the national trust in the 90s. It was an obvious candidate really given its one of the first #Bauhaus inspired building in Victoria. In fact Stephenson was
directly influenced by #AlvarAalto’s already famous 1928 #PaimioSanatorium he saw on a study trip for this hospital. Note though the little not-modern curls on the balcony railings. The entry is very cubist, though originally looks like it had tiles, wonder if they were deep blue like the tiles at their next hospital, the Freemasons round the corner, where a few are left.

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